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Did you know that CHNGES is one of the only American universities to operate both stationary and mobile eye-tracking technology for tourism and outreach purposes? Further, we are able to process and analyze our eye-tracking data through geographic information systems (GIS) software. That’s right! In our Environmental Learning and Outreach Studies (EnviroLOS) we use this technology and our advanced analytical capabilities to track and monitor eye-movements of an observer or wearer in order to understand how individuals view, receive, and interpret content. This software has been used by CHNGES students and faculty in both indoor and outdoor settings. Through the use of eye-tracking, our CHNGEmakers have been able to make recommendations for the development of outreach materials and tourism sites that promote a healthy, safe, and sustainable relationship between humans and their environment. We pool talents from our team members, from computer programmers, GIS experts, education gurus, and graphic designers to make learning through this studio as data-driven and engaging as possible! Our single goal is to make outreach with impact. To learn more about eye-tracking or to seek services from our studio, contact Dr. Leslie North at We would love to tell you all about our capabilities or partner with you on future educational pursuits.

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