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CHNGES faculty and students use stationary and mobile Tobii eye-tracking glasses and geographic information systems (GIS) to complete a variety of education and tourism projects. James Graham is working with our mobile technology to understand the driving factors behind the movement and behavior of tourist at nature-based tourism destinations. Further, by coupling eye-tracking data with GPS and GIS technology, James is working to uncover how signage and tourism infrastructure should be developed in geologically and ecologically fragile areas to reduce the potentially negative effects of tourism on the landscape while also maximizing the tourism experience. His work is being published in book about the innovative use of eye-tracking technology in the global tourism sector. Student Jenna Hammond is studying the use of mobile eye-tracking to develop guided show cave tours to ensure they are both educational and entertaining. Overall, we believe the applications for eye-tracking are endless! We even offer our eye-tracking expertise for commercial services. Contact us if you need help making data-driven decisions about your educational and marketing pursuits.

Eye-Tracking & Nature-Based Tourism

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