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Human impacts to karst regions are frequently unintentional and/or ignored since there is limited public exposure to caves and karst environments. This is true even in iconic Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is among one of the most extensively studied karst landscapes in the world, due in part to its close proximity to Mammoth Cave National Park and Western Kentucky University. To fill this existing void in public knowledge about karst landscapes and stormwater, in partnership with the City of Bowling Green Public Works, CHNGES has spearheaded the development of an informal karst groundwater and stormwater awareness educational campaign, Under Bowling Green. Through the use of multiple informal education techniques, such as interpretative signs, infographics, an educational website, and multi-media productions, CHNGES is working to communicate about the interconnectedness of karst systems and their relationship to groundwater in an effort to elicit changes in community behaviors and attitudes and improve public karst knowledge, and spark curiosity and ownership about karst groundwater issues by the general public. In short, the mission of UnderBG is to engage the community in safe practices that protect karst groundwater and reduce pollution of the City’s vulnerable drinking water source. CHNGES has also established a real-time water monitoring network in the region. Through this project and the partnership with the Bowling Green Public Works Department, CHNGES students have an opportunity to work on education and outreach projects, conduct field and lab work to maintain the monitoring network, and access City internships to learn about stormwater management, landfill maintenance, and even a city-wide recycling program. Visit to learn all about the program and karst stormwater management in Bowling Green, KY!

UnderBGKY Karst Groundwater Education

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